About this.

What’s this blog about ?

This isnt about technology, this isnt about cooking and this isnt a deep research on any topic. Its about what I have come across while messing with my pc, while preparing my favourite dish in the kitchen, watching my favourite show, hanging out with friends…

Being all this, this isnt a complete personal blog either.. Its just me and what I love sharing with my readers 🙂

If any one of my posts turn helpfull to you, please leave a note for me, after all a word from my readers always feels good.


  1. James Olsen said:

    Your solution to my problem worked perfectly.When the update page came back on I had 34 updates. I’ installing them now on a used laptop I just purchased. Thank You for the help. Jim

    June 26, 2012
    • ashokjp said:

      I know its very late for my response, but I still thank you for the time you have taken to mark your appreciation.

      May 19, 2013

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